2022 Diamond State Masters

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Race Schedule for East Arm

# Date Time Race Status Results Formatted Results
8a Saturday, 23 Jul 09:00 AM Mixed AA-C 2x Final 1 Official [final] PDF
13a Saturday, 23 Jul 09:54 AM Womens C-D 2x Final 1 Official [final] PDF
27a Saturday, 23 Jul 12:06 PM Mens C-D 2x Final Official [final] PDF
32a Saturday, 23 Jul 12:36 PM Mixed Masters 8x Final Official [final] PDF
33a Sunday, 24 Jul 07:30 AM Mens AA-J 2- Final Official [final] PDF
42a Sunday, 24 Jul 09:00 AM Mixed D-J 8+ Final Official [final] PDF
47b Sunday, 24 Jul 09:54 AM Womens D-J 4x Final 2 Official [final] PDF
58 Sunday, 24 Jul 12:29 PM Mens C 4+ Final Official [final] PDF
59a Sunday, 24 Jul 12:38 PM Womens E-J 4+ Final 1 Official [final] PDF