2017 Midsummer Madness Regatta

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1a Men 1x (Sr, Sr Ltwt, U23, U23 Ltwt, JrA, JrA Ltwt) M1x TT

08:00 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
1 British Columbia A R. Bell
2 Seattle RC A A. Twist
3 University of Victoria A I. Cabral
4 Burnaby Lake A P. Whitmore
5 University of Victoria B A. Stapff
6 British Columbia B J. Pusic
7 Burnaby Lake B V. Timinski
8 Seattle RC B D. Lee
9 Burnaby Lake C S. Gulka
10 University of Victoria C C. Clarke
11 British Columbia C [scratched] L. Tosetti
12 Seattle RC K. Culbert
13 University of Victoria G. Macdonald
14 Seattle RC B. Van der Werf
15 Burnaby Lake D T. Lynch
16 British Columbia D [scratched] C. Hale
17 University of Victoria M. Seaby
18 Fort Langley Flyers A T. Wick
19 British Columbia E [scratched] I. Rybkin
20 University of Victoria B. Larson
21 British Columbia C D. Marchioro
22 Burnaby Lake E A. Djurasic
23 British Columbia D [scratched] R. Beach
24 Fort Langley Flyers B J. Ketter
25 Burnaby Lake F B. Simpson
26 Burnaby Lake G T. Apostoliuk
27 Thunderbird S. Chiu
28 Fort Langley Flyers C G. Laird
29 Fort Langley Flyers D M. Camparmo

3a Women 1x (Sr, Sr Ltwt, U23, U23 Ltwt, JrA, JrA Ltwt) W1x TT

08:30 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
31 University of Victoria A A. Proske
32 Kingston M. Truax
33 British Columbia A R. Vukovich
34 Burnaby Lake A K. Stephens
35 Burnaby Lake B M. Simpson
36 British Columbia B J. Lindsay
37 Seattle RC A S. Taylor
38 British Columbia C [scratched] E. Gerson
39 British Columbia D [scratched] L. Taylor
40 Seattle RC B K. Collins
41 Pocock H. Brunner
42 British Columbia E R. LaFreniere
43 Burnaby Lake C E. Paterson
44 British Columbia F R. Marino
45 British Columbia G L. Vincent-Smith
46 British Columbia H H. Bailey
47 University of Victoria j. syme
48 Seattle RC A A. Charnyshou
49 Fort Langley Flyers A E. Down
50 Thunderbird A. Tsai
51 Seattle RC B L. Carlson
52 Fort Langley Flyers B [scratched] M. Calbick
53 Burnaby Lake D K. Bonamin
54 Thunderbird A. Durance
55 Burnaby Lake E A. Finnie
56 Fort Langley Community D. Helmer
57 Fort Langley Flyers C [scratched] L. Solmes
58 Thunderbird [scratched] J. Wang