2017 Hidden River Chase

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1 Girls 1st Jr 1x Final

10:00 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
1 TESD K. Concannon
2 Crescent M. Madden
3 Pegasus E. Briggs
4 TESD H. Culbert
5 Haddon Twp [scratched] E. Peterson
6 Whitemarsh Boat Club T. Taylor
7 TESD V. Budike
8 Undine A. Rosenberger
9 Shipley A. Holgren
10 TESD E. Lindquist
11 Conshohocken B. Bergan
12 Vesper D. Marlin Andrews
13 TESD K. Stanton
14 Germantown Friends L. Zukin
15 South Jersey Rowing Club M. Cicha

2 Girls 2nd Jr 1x Final

10:10 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
17 Germantown Friends Z. Sanogo
18 Haddon Twp P. Castillo
19 Undine G. Kirwan
20 South Jersey Rowing Club C. Van Es

3 Boys 1st Jr 1x Final

10:25 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
22 Germantown Friends J. Wright
23 TESD Z. Simpson
24 South Jersey Rowing Club V. Cart-Sanders
25 Crescent T. Shanahan
26 TESD C. Fogarty
27 Crescent L. Iacovelli
28 Sparta F. Holovacs
29 Crescent J. Bucko
30 TESD E. Cain
31 Crescent J. Kimrey
32 Shipley M. Sherman
33 Crescent E. Meadows
34 Haddon Twp [scratched] J. Mallgrave
35 TESD M. Malarkey
36 Crescent J. Cepis
37 Bachelors M. Carter
38 Crescent [scratched] D. Nielson
39 TESD S. Connell
40 Crescent Y. Gilad

4 Boys 2nd Jr 1x Final

10:35 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
43 Crescent E. Sooy
44 South Jersey Rowing Club A. Laberee
45 Crescent N. Roberts
46 Germantown Friends F. Kassell
47 Crescent Q. Keenan
48 Bachelors C. Matarazzo
49 Crescent S. O'Connell

5 Girls 1st Jr 2x Final

10:45 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
52 Whitemarsh Boat Club A A. Hain
53 Haddon Twp B. Ashfield
54 South Jersey Rowing Club E. Caton
55 Germantown Friends S. Pancoe
56 TESD A A. Lewis
57 Philadelphia Girls N. Weems
58 Undine A. Rosha
60 TESD B I. Fellowes
61 Whitemarsh Boat Club C S. Hulme
62 Pegasus S. McLaughlin

6 Girls 2nd Jr 2x Final

10:55 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
64 Undine G. Purcell
65 Germantown Friends A I. Ortega
66 Haddon Twp Q. Johnston
67 Germantown Friends B E. Anderson
68 Pegasus A. McDonnell
61 Whitemarsh Boat Club A. Ruck

7 Boys 1st Jr 2x Final

11:05 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
70 Germantown Friends R. Allon
71 Shipley C. Lawler
72 Crescent A J. Bucko
73 Pegasus N. Palmer
74 Undine R. Milkman
75 Haddon Twp M. Martino
76 South Jersey Rowing Club C. O'Neill
77 Whitemarsh Boat Club D. Walkush
78 TESD A K. Wiley
79 Crescent B P. Eells
80 TESD B R. Molsbergen
81 Crescent C N. Kumpf
82 Crescent D F. Bruzek

8 Boys 2nd 2x Final

11:10 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
85 Crescent A V. Butler
86 Haddon Twp F. Schmidt
87 Germantown Friends A. Kulkarni
88 Shipley A J. Chang
89 South Jersey Rowing Club H. LaGatta
90 Crescent B T. Filip
91 Shipley B M. Hamilton

11 Boys 1st Jr 2- Final

11:20 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
94 Lower Merion A. Balciunas

12 Boys 2nd Jr 2- Final

11:21 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
97 Lower Merion J. Park

13 Girls 1st Jr 4+ Final

11:30 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
100 Harriton A. Sack
101 Whitemarsh Boat Club T. Taylor
103 Bonner and Prendergast A. Oronzi
104 South Jersey Rowing Club E. Weiss

14 Girls 2nd Jr 4+ Final

11:32 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
104 Harriton A A. ASTILLERO
105 Harriton B M. Cantu
106 Harriton C V. Spadea
107 South Jersey Rowing Club A M. Cicha
190 South Jersey Rowing Club E. Placeholder5

15 Boys 1st Jr 4+ Final

11:45 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
109 Fairmount A. Virkler
110 Harriton B. Martin
111 South Jersey Rowing Club J. DiMarino
112 Egg Harbor J. Pickard

16 Boys 2nd Jr 4+ Final

11:50 AM

Bow Crew Stroke
115 South Jersey Rowing Club H. Powell
116 Fairmount J. Rebillard
117 Harriton N. Shukla
118 Egg Harbor A. Perez

17 Girls 1st Jr 4x Final

12:00 PM

Bow Crew Stroke
121 Pegasus L. Schlosser
122 Philadelphia Girls A. Cayley
123 South Jersey Rowing Club A H. Viviani
124 Bachelors A. Hannikainen
125 Shipley C. Winter
126 TESD A K. Concannon
127 Undine M. Fischer
128 Haddon Twp G. Dengler
129 Germantown Friends S. Pancoe
130 Fairmount J. Konopka
131 South Jersey Rowing Club B M. Cicha
132 TESD B A. Lewis

18 Girls 2nd Jr 4x Final

12:05 PM

Bow Crew Stroke
135 Shipley M. Kelly
136 Haddon Twp O. Hollingsworth
137 Germantown Friends A K. Hua
138 South Jersey Rowing Club H. Abdallah
139 TESD K. Moir
140 Fairmount N. Horbowy
141 Philadelphia Girls [scratched] E. Bonner
142 Germantown Friends C M. Bigelow
143 Germantown Friends B I. Mehta
144 Germantown Friends D S. Ortega

19 Boys 1st Jr 4x Final

12:20 PM

Bow Crew Stroke
147 Crescent J. Kimrey
148 Haddon Twp A V. Fitzpatrick
149 Pegasus Z. Miles
150 TESD A S. Connell
152 South Jersey Rowing Club A C. O'Neill
153 Bonner and Prendergast A. McElwee
154 The Haverford School A. D'Arcangelo
155 TESD B K. Wiley
156 Haddon Twp B D. Wakeley
157 Germantown Friends R. Allon
158 Haddon Twp C E. Shuttleworth
191 South Jersey Rowing Club E. Placeholder9

20 Boys 2nd Jr 4x Final

12:25 PM

Bow Crew Stroke
161 Haddon Twp B. Walker
162 Germantown Friends A J. Miller
163 The Haverford School A S. Bilash
164 Crescent A T. Skalski
165 TESD K. Markovic
167 The Haverford School B B. Windle
168 Crescent B o. mcloone
169 Germantown Friends B A. Lebovic
170 The Haverford School C T. Laporta
171 Crescent C S. Lay
172 Germantown Friends C J. Jung