2017 Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta

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13a Womens HS Varsity 4+ (Braxton Family Trophy) Heat

10:30 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
103 PNRA/Mercer A E. Aronson
104 Mount Saint Joseph K. Clement
105 South Jersey M. Koelsch
106 Harriton A. Sack
107 Newport A E. Marvel
108 Wilmington Youth N. Baag
109 Doane Academy L. Hendricks
110 Montgomery A A. Murjikneli
111 Philadelphia City Rowing A. Colella
112 Walter Johnson A. Voit
113 Haddonfield R. McDonnell
114 Radnor E. Ching
115 Mountain Lakes [scratched] E. Thomson
116 PNRA/Mercer B K. Niva
117 Montgomery B C. Niner
118 Newport B E. Moscoe

15a Mens HS Varsity 8+ (Coletta Family Trophy) Heat

10:45 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
121 PNRA/Mercer D. Gajewski
122 St. Joseph Prep A M. Pagliaro
123 Christian Brothers E. Wicks
124 Chaminade J. McDonald
125 St. Peters Prep R. Ramos
126 Haddonfield A W. Glennon
127 DeMatha P. Rogers
128 Philadelphia City Rowing A A. Bendaoud
129 Radnor [scratched] B. Meandro
130 St. Benedict's Prep J. Lopina-Carpenter
131 Mountain Lakes M. Donnelly
132 Montgomery J. Grundy
133 St. Joseph Prep B C. McNamara
134 Philadelphia City Rowing B J. Cartagena
135 Haddonfield B A. Small

29a Womens HS Varsity 8+ (Theresa Braxton Trophy) Heat

11:00 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
138 PNRA/Mercer A E. Aronson
139 Mount Saint Joseph A K. Healy
140 Lower Merion E. Spaeth
141 Philadelphia City Rowing O. Musselman
142 Moorestown K. Sims
143 Montgomery [scratched] A. Murjikneli
144 Walter Johnson G. Mann
145 Whitemarsh T. Taylor
146 Radnor K. Bragdon
147 Mountain Lakes S. Flower
148 Mount Saint Joseph B L. Vesey
149 PNRA/Mercer B S. Craver
150 Mount Saint Joseph C N. Hogan
151 Haddonfield A. Rowling

26a Mens HS Varsity 4+ (Rafferty Cup) Heat

11:15 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
154 St. Joseph Prep A M. Pagliaro
155 PNRA/Mercer A E. Kalfaian
156 South Jersey J. DiMarino
157 St. Peters Prep A M. Coacher
158 Doane Academy T. Nerveza
159 Lower Merion A. Balciunas
160 The Hun School C. Knott
161 Christian Brothers A K. Wicklund
162 DeMatha [scratched] M. Sloan
163 Walter Johnson A C. Labonski
164 Radnor B. Lyons
165 Wilmington Youth A S. Donaldson
166 Mountain Lakes M. Tarka
167 Philadelphia City Rowing M. Mester
168 Moorestown J. Brooks
169 Holy Ghost Prep A S. Donohue
170 Gunnery K. Kersanskas
171 St. Joseph Prep B [scratched] N. Giangiordano
172 PNRA/Mercer B B. Stergion
173 Christian Brothers B M. Mojares
174 Holy Ghost Prep B A. Danna
175 St. Peters Prep B R. Dungan
176 Walter Johnson B P. Neuvelt
177 Wilmington Youth B C. Kopecki
178 St. Peters Prep C S. Jennings

1a Mens HS Novice 8+ Heat

11:30 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
181 New Canaan A C. Whittaker
182 PNRA/Mercer A J. Rebak
183 Montgomery A W. Grannis
184 Chaminade A c. smart
185 Christian Brothers A M. Jordan
186 DeMatha A B. Degnon
187 Christian Brothers B D. Wade
188 Walter Johnson S. Caughey
189 St. Peters Prep G. Santiago
190 Radnor M. Koerwer
191 South Jersey C. Tanas
192 Philadelphia City Rowing D. Brown
193 Haddonfield A. Carney
194 Moorestown J. Wiggins
195 Mountain Lakes a. germaine
196 Holy Ghost Prep L. Huy
197 Maritime K. Dimitrov
198 Gunnery G. Brown
199 PNRA/Mercer B N. Mazzella
200 New Canaan B L. McLaren
201 Chaminade B C. delaBastide
202 DeMatha B G. Lins
203 Montgomery B A. Scherr
204 New Canaan C T. McHugh
205 PNRA/Mercer C A. Alavalapati
206 DeMatha C C. Maxwell-Beard