2015 Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta

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12a Womens HS Varsity 4+ (Braxton Family Trophy) Heat

08:00 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
3 PNRA/Mercer A K. Hickey
4 Manhasset High School M. Lyons
8 Wilmington Youth A T. Beardell
11 Mountain Lakes H. Butrico
12 Cooper TC E. Aronson
13 Greenwich Crew A I. Rose
14 Gunnery A A. Madow
15 Bonner/Prendergast A D. Covert
17 Lower Merion E. Murphy
18 Institute of Notre Dame A Y. Walker
19 Doane Academy G. Gorman
20 Walter Johnson A A. Phelps
21 Philadelphia City Rowing C. Bush
23 Newport RC a. hallinan
24 Haddonfield Crew A. Palavage
28 Radnor o. chase
29 PNRA/Mercer B M. Barkenbush
30 Greenwich Crew B C. Boylan
32 Bonner/Prendergast B N. Zeller
33 Walter Johnson B A. Mahany
34 Gunnery B C. Schoen
35 Rye HS L. Pell
36 Institute of Notre Dame B M. Hecker
37 Wilmington Youth B M. Holmes
38 Gunnery C M. Gaggini
40 Greenwich Crew C M. van Meel
41 Gunnery D [scratched] M. Vieli
42 Coventry Rowing A. Giongo

15a Mens HS Varsity 8+ (Coletta Family Trophy) Heat

08:15 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
51 PNRA/Mercer A J. Fleurial
52 Radnor N. Morris
53 Montclair K. Coplan
54 Manhasset High School B. Kim
55 Fordham Prep A M. Ptucha
56 Cooper TC J. Raab
57 Haddonfield Crew A B. Giangiulio
59 Mainland D. Hall
60 Greenwich Crew C. Korzendorfer
61 Rye HS J. Dailey
62 Mountain Lakes C. Brady
63 Archbishop Carroll C. Evans
64 Whitman Crew J. Young
65 Chaminade A R. Shelley
66 Moorestown HS/Rowing J. Gaffney
67 PNRA/Mercer A G. Barthelmes
68 Chaminade B S. McIntyre
69 Coventry Rowing C. Hansen

30a Mens HS Varsity 4+ (Rafferty Cup) Heat

08:30 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
75 Manhasset High School T. Qiu
76 Christian Brothers A D. Hutzley
78 PNRA/Mercer A K. Borup
80 Gunnery A W. O'Connor
82 Greenwich Crew A M. Matejak
83 Mountain Lakes A. Byrdak
84 Cooper TC A J. Raab
85 Haddonfield Crew B. Giangiulio
86 Chaminade A W. Mulhall
88 Radnor A G. McNicholas
89 Wilmington Youth A D. Nichols
90 Philadelphia City Rowing A K. Wilson
92 Doane Academy B. Stiles
94 St. Peters Prep A M. Chester
95 Cooper TC B C. Ozdemir
97 Christian Brothers B M. Cofone
98 Chaminade B J. weggeland
99 PNRA/Mercer B J. Fleurial
100 Philadelphia City Rowing B J. Cartagena
220 Wilmington Youth B W. Days
278 Radnor B [scratched] M. Palmer
312 St. Peters Prep B W. Curtis
335 Gunnery B G. Simmons
356 Greenwich Crew B Z. Ridgway
364 Christian Brothers C L. Bartner
496 PNRA/Mercer C G. Barthelmes
491 St. Peters Prep C B. Bartoszek
510 Christian Brothers F J. Bogdan
520 Christian Brothers E K. Wicklund
525 Christian Brothers D K. Bhattacharya
587 Lower Merion A M. Koerner
591 Lower Merion B Q. Cachon
70 Walter Johnson A R. Gibbons
71 Walter Johnson B C. Bowers

33a Womens HS Varsity 8+ (Theresa Braxton Trophy) Heat

08:45 AM

Top 6 Places to Finals
Bow Crew Stroke
351 PNRA/Mercer A K. Hickey
352 Mount Saint Joseph A E. McGreevey
353 Merion Mercy K. Farrell
355 Manhasset High School A E. Gillis
358 Montclair C. Day
381 Radnor J. Larkin
366 Lower Merion E. Murphy
367 Philadelphia City Rowing I. D'Angelo
369 Haddonfield Crew E. Kommedal
370 Archbishop Carroll M. Greeley
373 Moorestown HS/Rowing A. Eichhorn
375 Greenwich Crew D. DeVore
376 Mount Saint Joseph B J. Comerford
378 PNRA/Mercer B S. Kennedy-Moore
379 Manhasset High School B I. Karantzios
380 Mount Saint Joseph C K. healy